Friday, February 24, 2017

From Great Depths - The
Wrecks of HMAS Sydney (II) and
HSK Kormoran.
HB $70

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Japanese Battleship Fuso 1944 -
Super Drawings in 3D - 16048
SC $58

The Japanese Destroyer Akizuki -
Top drawings 7038
SC $42

Australian Army Campaign Series - 17:
The Battles of Bullecourt 1917
SC $20 
Japanese Battleships 1905-1942
HC $66

On Atlas' Shoulders:
RAF Transport Projects Since 1945

HC $75

London Bus Garages & Allocations
SC $20

Friday, February 10, 2017

 Hitler's Arctic War - The German
Campaigns in Norway, Finland
and the USSR 1940-1945.
SC $45
 Hitler's Ardennes Offensive - The
German View of the Battle of
the Bulge.
SC $40
 The Mongol Art of War.
SC $45
Lessons Learned - The Australian
Military and Tropical Medicine.
HC $36
 Tankcraft No.2: Sherman Tanks -
British Army and Royal Marines,
Normandy Campaign 1944.
SC $45
 The Unseen Aquitania - The Ship
in Rare Illustrations.
HC $60
The 27th Waffen-SS Volunteer
Grenadier Division Langemarck.
An Illustrated History.
HC $60
 Britain's Declining Secondary
Railways Through the 1960s.
HB $75
 Osprey Elite 211: The SAS
SC $25
Creating a Backscene - A Railway
Modelling Companion.
HC $70
 Images of War - Armoured Warfare
in the First World War 1916-1918
SC $45
 The White Sniper, Simo Hayha -
The Deadliest Sniper in History.
HB $50
British and Commonwealth Warship
Camouflage of WWII Volume 3.
HB $90
 Under a Blood Red Sun - The
Remarkable Story of PT Boats
in the Philippines and the Rescue
of General Macarthur.
HB $50
 Vanished Hero - The Life,War,
and Mysterious Disappearance
of America's World War II
Strafting King.
HB $70
Double Diamonds - Australian
Commandos in the Pacific War 1941-45
SC $40
 Aces, Airmen and the Biggin
Hill Wing - A Collective
Memoir 1941-1942.
HB $75
 Wellington's Eastern Front: The
Campaigns on the East Coast
of Spain 1810-1814
HB $75
 Beneath the Killing Fields,
Exploring the Subterranean
Landscapes of the Western Front.
HB $60
The Knights Hospitaller: A
Military History of the Knights
of St. John.
HB $60

Friday, February 3, 2017

 ABC Modern Signalling Handbook.
5th Edition SC $33
 Lewes & East Grinstead Railway, 
The Bluebell Line.
HC $50
Hornby 2017 Magazine Yearbook.
HC $45
 Century of the Soldier No.6.
The First British Army 1624-1628,
The Army of the Duke of
HC $60
 Century of the Soldier No.9.
The Battle of Montgomery, 1644
The English Civil War in the
West Borderlands.
SC $45
 1016 & 1066.
Why the Vikings Caused the
Norman Conquest.
SC $ 30
Panzergrenadiers to the Front!
The Combat History of
Panzergrenadier Division 'Brandenburg'
on the Eastern Front.
Includes Mapbook HC $125
 The Nazi Death Camps - Then and Now.
Large HC $125
New After the Battle No.174 - The
Battle of Vercors.
SC $ 14

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Diary of Sonny Ormrod DFC
Malta Fighter Ace

The Apache in European Service

Line of Fire

At War on the Gothic Line
Fighting in Italy 1944-45

North Men
The Viking Saga
793 - 1241

The Brilliant Outsider
George Ingle Finch, the boy from the bush
who set out to conquer the world

Colt Single-Action Revolvers
Weapon 52

Vietnam War
US & Allied Combat Equipments
Elite 216

Soviet Cold War Guided Missile Cruisers
New Vanguard 242

Lake Trasimene 217 BC
Ambush and annihilation of a Roman army
Campaign 303

Panzergrenadier Versus US Armored Infantryman
European Theater of Operations 1944
Combat 22

Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Alamo and Beyond

The Lost Submarines of Pearl Harbor

The Campaigns of Sargon II

Hitler's Ostkrieg and the Indian Wars