Thursday, December 1, 2016

Two Photos
and a Medal
' a Cerberus story'

The Pursuit of Power

Duel 76
US Navy Ships

Death at Dawn
Captain Warburton-Lee VC
and the Battle of Narvik, April 1940

British Warship Recognition
The Perkins Identification Albums
Volume II: Armoured Ships 1860-1895,
Monitors and Aviation Ships

and the War of the Tanks 1917

The Fatal Fortress
The Guns & Fortifications of Singapore
1819 - 1956

GunDigest Book of .22 Rimfire
2nd Edition

The Vikings

Tabletop Wargames
A Designers' & Writers' Handbook

Small Team Missions Behind Enemy Lines

General Fox Conner
Pershing's Chief of Operations
and Eisenhower's Mentor

Memories of a Second World War Gunner

One of Churchill's Own
The Memoirs of Battle of Britain Ace
John Greenwood

Testing Tornado
Cold War Naval Fighter Pilot
to BAe Chief Test Pilot

Nelson's Right Hand Man
The Life and Times of
Vice Admiral Sir Thomas Fremantle

Luftwaffe Fighter Force
The View from the Cockpit

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Third Reich's Celluloid
War - Propaganda in Nazi
Feature Films, Documentaries
and Television.
SC $40

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Enduring The Whirlwind:
The German Army and The Russo-German War 1941-1943

Friday, November 25, 2016

 Instrument of War - The
German Army 1914-18.
HB $35
 Into the Lion's Mouth: The True
Story of Dusko Popov.
HB $50
Frederick The Great - King
of Prussia.
PB $30
 The Hornby Book of
Model Railways - Second Edition.
SC $30
The Southern Way No.36
SC $37
 Africa @ War War 26: The
Battle of Cuito Cuanavale - Cold
War Angolan Finale, 1987-1988.
SC $43
Men at Arms 509: French
Foreign Legion 1831-71.
SC $23 
Hitler's Beneficiaries - How the
Nazis Bought the German People.
PB $27
 Steel Wall at Arnhem - The
Destruction of 4 Parachute Brigade
19 September 1944.
HB $75
Axis Aircraft in Latin America.
HB $87

Thursday, November 24, 2016

As Good As Dead
The Daring Escape of American PoWs
From a Japanese Death Camp

The Battle for Japan,

The Secret  War
Spies, Codes and Guerrillas

HMAS Canberra
Casualty of Circumstance
An Inspiring True Story of
Mateship, Duty and Courage

Lenin on the Train

Hero of the Empire
The Making of
Winston Churchill

The Battle of Jutland

Leopard 1 in Detail Part 1
Leopard 1A3/4 of the DPM Munster

GPW Jeeps in Detail
2nd Extended issue
GPW Jeeps and M1 75 mm Pack Howitzer

Kenworth W900A in Detail
Kenworth W900A Vintage US. Truck Tractor
of the Jaroslav Votik collection

Corsair II in Detail
Vought Corsair II A-7E and TA-7C
in Last 10 Years Service

100 Events
That Shaped World War II

Secret Heroes of World War II

Flying Tigers Colors
Warplane Color Gallery #1
Camouflage and Markings of the
American Volunteer Group and the
USAAF 23rd Fighter Group 1941-1945

British Anti-Tank Guns
in CIABG during World War II -
Ordnance Quick-Firing 2-pdr, 6-pdr, 17-pdr
Army Wheels in Detail
Photo Manual AW 15

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bolt Action
Armies of Germany
Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition

Chosen Men
Military Skirmish Games in the Napoleonic Wars
Osprey Wargames 18

Drugs in Nazi Germany

Winged Chariot
A Complete Account of the RAF's
Support Role during the Audacious
Commando Raid on St Nazaire, March 1942

Air Wars
The Development and Evolution
of Fighter Tactics

Meteor Boys
True Tales from the Operators of
Britain's First Jet Fighter -
from 1944 to date

The First Victory
The Second World War and
The East Africa Campaign

The Last Battle
Soldier Settlement in Australia

The Man who Carried the Nation's Grief