Friday, May 26, 2017

 Hurricane - Hawker's Fighter Legend.
HB $66

 Flashpoint Trieste: The First
Battle of the Cold War.
HB $40

 Boys in Zinc: The Soviet War in
SC $27

Medieval Castles of England
and Wales.
SC $22
 Osprey Weapon 55:
The Pilum - The Roman Heavy Javelin.
SC $27

Osprey Combat Aircraft 120:
Ju 52/3m Bomber and Transport
Units 1936-41.
SC $30

 Osprey X-Planes 3: North
American X-15.
SC $27

Osprey Bolt Action War Games:
Campaign Sea Lion.
SC $44
 Osprey Combat 24: 
Longbowman vs Crossbowman 
Hundred Years War 1337-60.
SC $27

 Osprey Men at Arms 511:
Roman Army Units in the 
Eastern Provinces 31 BC-AD 195 (1)
SC $25

 Osprey Duel 79: 
USS Lawrence vs HMS Detroit,
The War of 1812 on the Great Lakes.
SC $27

Osprey Campaign 307:
Fontenoy 1745, Cumberland's
Bloody Defeat.
SC $33

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Military Land Rover
1948 onwards (Series II/IIA to Defender)
Enthusiasts' Manual

Dancing the Death Drill

A History of the World
in 500 Railway Journeys

Scorched Earth
Australia's Secret Plan for Total War
under Japanese Invasion in World War II

The Flight
Charles Lindbergh's Daring and
Immortal 1927 Transatlantic Crossing

The Last Days of the Spanish Republic

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Don't forget that we are at Level 1, Mid City Centre, 200 Bourke St.
Just a short trip from our old location at Heffernan Lane.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Final Few
The Last Surviving  Pilots
of the Battle of Britain
tell their stories

The World Encyclopedia of Tanks
& Armoured Fighting Vehicles

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Spear and the Gun
Japanese Attacks on Arnhem Land:
A Wartime History of Milingimbi

The Christian Soldier
The Life of Lt. Col. the Rev.
Bernard William Vann, V.C., M.C. & Bar,
Croix de Guerre avec palme

Divided Loyalty
Britain's Polish Ally During
The Second World War

Monday, May 8, 2017

Axis Suicide Squads
German and Japanese Secret Projects
of the Second World War

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Luzon 1945
The Final Liberation of the Philippines
Campaign 306

World War II German Motorized
Infantry & Panzergrenadiers
Elite 218

Charles Pratt of Belmont Common
A Life in the Air
Geelong's Pioneer Aviator, Aerial Photographer
and Flying Instructor

Friday, April 28, 2017

 Lancaster. HB $15
 New Vanguard 246:
British Destroyers 1939-45, Pre-war
Classes. SC $25 
 Airborne: The Combat Story of
Ed Shames of Easy Company.
New Paperback Edition.
 Ghost Towns of the West.
SC $30
At the Edge of the World - The
Heroic Century of the French
Foreign Legion.
HB $35

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Abandoned and Sacrificed
The Tragedy of the Montevideo Maru

The Silent Soldiers of Naours
Messages from beneath the Somme

GunDigest Guide to the Modern AK-47
Gear, Accessories and Upgrades
for the AK-47 and its Variants

British Army Uniforms
from 1751 to 1783
Including the Seven Years' War and
the American War of Independence

Insignia of the Waffen-SS
Cuff Titles, Collar Tabs,
Shoulder Boards, badges

Ceremonial Swords of Britain
State and Civic Swords

Images of War
The RAF Air Sea Rescue Service
in the Second World War

Anders Lassen VC MC
of the SAS

In the Name of Lykourgos
The Rise and Fall of the Spartan
Revolutionary Movement
243-146 BC

Past & Present
101st Airborne
Market Garden 1944

Churchill's Folly
The Battles for Kos and Leros, 1943

Air Battle for Burma
Allied Pilots' Fight For Supremacy

A Spitfire Girl
One of the World's Greatest Female
ATA Ferry Pilots Tells Her Story

To War With The 4th
A Century of Frontline Combat with the
US 4th Infantry 
from the Argonne to the Ardennes to Afghanistan


The Devil's General
The Life of Hyazinth Graf von Strachwitz,
"The Panzer Graf"

Chopper Down
The Story of a Mercenary Pilot
in Africa

Barksdale's Charge
The True High Tide of
the Confederacy at Gettysburg,
July 2, 1863

The Official GunDigest Book of
Guns & Prices
11th Edition, 2016